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Thrus. Sept 16


Civics 401 The County Board of Commissioners

Zoom class on the GT County commisson and how you can make a difference.  

Click HERE to register.

Tue Sept. 21

1:30 PM

League of Women Voters Meeting on County Re-Apportionment LWV will present Noelle Moeggenberg, County Prosecuting Attorney, and member of the Grand Traverse County Apportionment Committee, who will discuss the County Apportionment/Redistricting Process.   For details click  HERE.  Meeting via zoom: 

Tue Sept. 23 to Sept. 30

GT Dems On-Line Auction.

Watch you email and watch this space for upcomming details.


 GTDem and Community Events 

If you would like an event posted, please send an email to with subject "EVENT Posting." You must include the following information:


1. Hosting organization and your assurance that the hosting organization wants the event posted on our webpage

2. Contact person, including email address and phone number

3. Title of the event

4. Start and end time

5. Location

6. A brief description of the event

Recurring events will be posted for up to eight weeks. Please refresh your request for continuation of the posting of a recurring event. We recommend a monthly refresh to be sure the details are correct. 

Local events from other organizations that share our interests are welcome.


Doing Good


The Grand Traverse Democrats are involved in the community in a variety of ways. Ongoing projects include the Blue Tiger Initiative -- a food-drive project that benefits underprivileged Traverse City High School students -- regularly scheduled volunteering at the State Theater, and participation in Grand Traverse County's Adopt-A-Road highway beautification program. Please send us a note if you'd like to help support our community by getting involved in one or more of these endeavors.


Our Purpose


  • Promote the philosophy of the Democratic Party

  • Provide coordination between Democrats at the township level on district and state party matters

  • Encourage qualified candidates to run for elective office at the township, county, state and federal levels

  • Provide the people of Grand Traverse County with information concerning township, county, district and state affairs

  • Operate an organization capable of conducting effective township and county campaigns in Grand Traverse County

  • Aid township, county and district Democratic candidates ENDORSED BY THE PARTY for local and general elections in Grand Traverse County

  • Aid Democratic candidates of our choice in State and Federal elections

  • Abide by the rules of the Democratic Party of the State of Michigan