Ballot Drop Boxes .

You must use the box for your township!

Note: you can track your ballot at:\vote

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Acme Township

Acme Residents:

Your drop box is:

Acme Town Hall

6042 Acme Rd

Williamsburg, MI 49690

(231) 938-1350

The box is to the right of the front door.

Blair Township

Blair Residents:

Your drop box is

Blair Township Hall

2121 Co Rd 633

Grawn, Mi 49637


Things to know:

Drop box is across the parking lot from the door.

East Bay Twp

East Bay Residents:

Your Drop Box is:

East Bay Twp Hall

1965 N Three Mile Road
Traverse City, MI 49696

231 947 8647

Things to Know:

The box is on the walk in front of the building.

Fife Lake Twp

Fife Lake Residents:

Your Drop Box is:

Fife Lake Town Hall

134 Morgan St

Fife Lake , MI 49633

231 263-0056 (Cell) 231 879-3963 (Office)

Things to know:

The box is right outside the door.

Garfield Twp

Garfield Residents:

Your drop box is:

Garfield Town Hall

3848 Veterans Drive
Traverse City, MI 49684


There are two boxes, one at the door and one across the driveway.

Grant Twp

Grant Residents:

Your Drop Box is:

8986 Davis rd

Buckley, Mi 49620


Green Lake Twp

Green Lake Residents:

Your Drop Box is:

Green Lake Town Hall

9394 10th St.

Interlochen, MI 49643

231 276 9329

The drop is a mail slot in the front door.

Things to know:

Long Lake Twp

Long Lake Residents:

Your drop box is:

8870 N Long Lake Rd

Traverse City, Mi 49685


Blue Box at bottom of stairs.

Things to know:

Mayfield Twp

Mayfield Residents:

Your drop box is at:

2991 W Center Road
Kingsley, MI 49649

231 263 4599 

Paradise Twp

Paradise Residents:

Your drop box is:

2300 E M 113

Kingsley, Mi 49649


 The clerk requests that voters use the box to the right of the door and not the mail slot in the wall. 

Things to know:

Peninsula Twp

Peninsula Residents:

Your drop box is:

13235 Center Road
Traverse City, MI 49686


Drop box is a gray box marked "after hours dropbox".

Things to know:

Traverse City, City of

Traverse City Residents:

Your Drop box is at

400 Boardman Ave
Traverse City, MI 49684

(231) 922-4480

Things to Know:

Please use the RED box out front NOT the slot in the wall at the door.

Union Township

Union Residents:

Your drop box is at

5020 Fife Lake Rd.  Fife Lake, Michigan 49633



Whitewater Twp 

Whitewater Residents:

Ballot Drop box is at:

Whitewater Town Hall

5777 Vinton Road

Williamsburg, MI 49690


Things to know:

The box is the middle box at the side door.

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