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Blondie Interlochen Concert June 30, 2018 The Hot Ticket!

Let me just say the concert was “FUN”.

One could feel the pulse and excitement in the air as the musicians took to the stage, in the sweltering heat, at 8:00 pm. Kresge Auditorium, the scene was set! I was all choked up hoping the band would sound like I remembered. Debbie Harry strode across the stage in her black shades and blonde / pink hair, platform tennis shoes and a white cape with the rather direct message, ‘Stop F-ing the Planet.’ The audience stood and cheered. I cheered for her message and the messenger.

Middle Age X generation and Baby Boomers were all in attendance along with a massive presence of students from Interlochen Center for the Arts. Most of the audience were up and dancing for a good portion of the evening.

I will tell you - I was impressed with the cool confidence of Debbie Harry. It didn’t seem like ego has messed with her mind as she invited students on stage and even asked them about their majors. She was generally interested in other people, including her fans.

She opened with Heart of Glass and I find in my notes that she closed with Heart of Glass…with a three Scene video screen running in the background and Debbie and her mostly leather/edgy clad band in the foreground. It made for a surreal vibe. I, like most of the audience, stood and danced through the 90 minutes of songs.

Rapture drew cheers and every audience member sang their heart out including myself. My husband did not sing, but he was a trooper through the heat! He had purchased Blondie tickets this past Spring to surprise me as I am such a fan of her Giger album cover art and the 1980 American Gigolo film soundtrack.

Did I mention the next day was Debbie Harry’s Birthday? What can a fan do but sing the Happy Birthday song to our beloved Debbie!

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