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Bergman Voting Record

At the expense of health care, public education and nutrition programs, Congressman Jack Bergman supported adding to the massively bloated defense budget (HR.695) that was previously equal to China, Russia and the next 3 Nations combined.

His support of tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy (HR.1), slashing consumer protections (HR.10, HJR.111), adding $1.5 Trillion to the deficit has no benefit to the vast majority of his constituents. A short-term reduction in with-holding taxes should never be construed as real wage growth.

He supports billions more for a border wall that further adds to that deficit while holding Dreamers and us all hostage, instead of critically needed infrastructure improvements.

His support for dismantling the E.P.A. (HR.953, 1430, 1431, 2910, 2936) and allowing corporations unfettered access to National Monuments, Parks, public lands, waters and climate will do nothing positive for the public but certainly will benefit the corporations that support him.

His only “advancement” for Veterans Health has been his votes (HR.1181, HJR.40) to pass a bill that allows veterans (and others) deemed mentally incompetent to purchase firearms.

Another recess has passed with another opportunity lost for Bergman to explain himself to his “forgotten people”.

If you are not aware of this link you may find it useful in tracking all of Jack's votes and any public statements he has made about them.

Check Jack’s voting record at:

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