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Staying home but wanting to stay involved? Running for office and need to learn the ropes? Our July webinar series is now live with new trainings on the schedule! If you're interested in joining us, please click this link and sign up for as many as you'd like. If you sign up for a webinar, you can expect the login details to be sent to you the morning of your scheduled training. 


Our offerings this month are:

  • VAN and Data for Beginners - See firsthand how to use the Voter Activation Network (VAN) and use data to target voters in your area. Let's master the basics.

  • VAN and Data for Intermediate Users - Already took the first VAN webinar and want to learn more about voter data? This one is for you!

  • The Basics of Fundraising - Learn how to successfully raise money for your PAC or campaign.Voter Education and the New Voting Laws - Learn about the new voting laws directly from our new Voter Protection Director.

  • Intro to Compliance - Make sure you're on the up-and-up! Learn how to navigate the Secretary of State and file your reports correctly.

  • Design a Winning Campaign - How to create your lit piece, direct mail, signage, and more

  • Robert’s Rules and Parliamentary Procedure – An in-depth presentation on the rules that govern all meetings within MDP. 

  • Running for Local Office - So you're thinking of adding your name to the ballot? How do you build a plan? Target voters? We can help you on your path to victory.

  • MDP Structure and Participation - Get an introduction to the party process and structure.

  • Digital Organizing - Build a multi-platform digital campaign from beginning to end.

  • VAN for Analysis - Take a deeper dive into the world of data and VAN 

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