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Volunteer HELP Wanted!

Pay: The satisfaction of building a better, kinder, Northern Michigan.  The ideal candidate shares our desire to fight for Michigan’s working families, students, veterans, and people.  The candidate should have a desire to help hold  our elected officials accountable.


Photographers:  Volunteer will take pictures for our Blog, Face Book Posts, and Web Pages.  Pictures are often of events (such as found on our calendar) and people taking political action.  Pictures of like minded people building community are especially welcome.   Contact : Sherrie Fleuter at or Harold Lassers at We thank you for your interest.


Writers: Volunteer will write descriptions of events, editorials, and news relevant to our mission.  See our blog page for examples .  Usually the events of interest can be found on our calendar.  Only minimal computer skills are required. If you can read this and send an email you can do this. Contact Sherrie Fleuter at or Sylvia Mccullough at sylviamccul@aol.comWe thank you for your interest.


Trackers:  Are you willing to do a little google work and some computer search and monitoring?  We need folks to track our elected officials.   Prepare a basic dossier and keep tabs on your official and provide updates on what s/he is doing, how s/he is voting.  The updates will be posted on our web page.  For an example of this work check out our elected officials page and an example dossier

Contact Sherrie Fleuter at or Sylvia Mccullough at   We thank you for your interest.

Voter Registration Coordinator:  Volunteer will advance GT Dems' commitment to increasing voter registration in Grand Traverse County. Getting more voters registered (and to the polls) is key to ensuring better representation in who is elected. Volunteer will chart the course, but activities may include: hosting training session for volunteers; partnering with high school, college, and new resident groups to host voter registration events; and updating website with voter registration information & forms. Contact: Chair@gtdems.orgWe thank you for your interest.

Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers: Come out and join fellow democrats to provide a service for our community and the environment. There are three clean ups per year, May, July, and September. the next clean up is September 27, 2018.  Contact Judy Pelto,  231-668-6490

Want to help but don’t see the job you want above?  No problem! Go to our Volunteer page HERE, fill out the form, and we will find a good use for your interests, skills, and schedule. We thank you for your interest.

Submit your ad! Committee chairs may submit ads to Sherrie Fleuter - and Harold Lassers  Please cc both of us.  Thank you for your support!

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