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May 21, 2019

In this report I highlight some of the items from the May 15, 2019 Board of Commissioner Meeting.  A video of the meeting is available at

and the official minutes are available at


April 12, 2019

Governor Whitmer held a town hall at Traverse City High School to deliver her goals and  intentions for budget, education, and taxes.  She sees serious shortfalls in education, roads, and safe water.  She proposed major increases in spending on education and roads. To...

January 18, 2019

The Grand Traverse County Commission meeting was a well-attended marathon session, running from 8 am until 2:53 pm, or seven hours with only short breaks.  The commission chamber was filled and an overflow crowd took seats in the foyer. Three topics: the start time of...

January 5, 2019

The newly seated county commission held their first meeting on Jan 3.   Key items included the following:

Rob Hentschel was elected Chair. 
The vote was 4-3 with Clous, Hentschel, Jewett, and LaPointe voting in favor.

Prayer at the Commission Meetings:
One agen...

August 23, 2018

With a cast of 10 Democratic Candidates and elected officials this was the strongest showing at a Grand Traverse Democratic Picnic in memory.

From LEFT to that other direction (of which we do not speak)  Tom Wertz for County Commission, Bob Cooney for Judge, Dan O'Neil...

August 10, 2018

On Wednesday, Aug 8, Senator Gary Peters held a “Dinner with Senator Peters” as part of his around the state motorcycle tour.  It was a perfect night for the event.  Dems had a strong turn out for the primary, Matt Morgan set a historical record for write in votes, we...