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Joe Biden

President of the United States

Our Best Days are Still Ahead is Joe Biden’s slogan. Joe is the Party’s presumptive nominee and will go head to head against Trump. Joe is a highly respected lifelong public servant who has the support of both Democrats and Republicans.

Joe Biden Website:

Joe Biden Facebook:

Local Contact for the Joe Biden Campaign:  

Nancy Coscarelli



Gary Peters

US Senator

In the U.S. Senate, Gary serves on the Armed Services Committee; Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee; and the Joint Economic Committee. He is focused on strengthening our middle class by protecting access to quality, affordable health care, preparing our kids for the jobs of tomorrow and helping small businesses grow. Gary and his wife Colleen are the proud parents of three, a son and two daughters, and live in Oakland County.

Gary Peters Webpage:

Gary Peters on Facebook:

Donate to Gary Peters:

Campaign Committee: Peters For Michigan, PO Box 32072 Detroit, MI 48244

Peters Local Office:

818 Red Drive
Suite 40
Traverse City, MI 49684 
(231) 947-7773


Bridget Mary McCormack

Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court

Chief Justice McCormack was a professor and associate dean at Michigan Law, the University of Michigan law school, where she taught criminal law, legal ethics and various clinical courses. In her role as associate dean she launched many clinical programs, in which students represent Michiganders who can’t afford lawyers including a Pediatric Health Advocacy Clinic, a Domestic Violence Clinic, a Juvenile Justice Clinic, and the Michigan Innocence Clinic, the first non-DNA Innocence Clinic in the country. To date, the Michigan Innocence Clinic has exonerated 22 men and women.

Learn more about Bridget Mary McCormack HERE

Donate to Bridget Mary McCormack HERE

Committee to Reelect Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack, PO Box 1801, Ann Arbor, MI 48106


Elizabeth Welch

Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court

Elizabeth is an attorney, dedicated public servant and a fighter for justice.  A bridge builder and a fierce advocate, Elizabeth is ready to bring her diverse experience to the highest court in our state.

• Attorney serving individuals, nonprofits & small businesses

• Counsel helping municipalities recover costs of opioid epidemic

• Long-time East Grand Rapids School Board Trustee

• Former President of Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Learn more about Elizabeth Welch HERE

Donate to Elizabeth Welch HERE

Committee to Elect Elizabeth Welch for Michigan Supreme Court, PO Box 68413, Grand Rapids, MI 49516


Dan O'Neil

Michigan State House 104th, District

Dan O'Neil is running for the Michigan State House, 104th District, which represents all of Grand Traverse County. Dan and his wife live in Traverse City. 

Learn More about Dan O'Neil:

Meet Dan O'Neil Video: click HERE

Vote Dan O'Neil webpage:

Dan on Facebook:

Traverse Area Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum on Dan O'Neil click HERE

The League of Women Voters "VOTE411" Guide on Steve click HERE

Donate to Dan O'Neil's Campaign

Donate via Act Blue:

Donate by check:

Friends of Dan O'Neil

P.O. Box 954, Traverse City MI 49685

Greg Hall.jpg

Greg Hall

Grand Traverse Co Sheriff

Greg Hall is running for Sheriff in Grand Traverse County. He is running on a platform of jail reform; community protection; community engagement; and ethical leadership. With 12-plus years in law enforcement and security, the husband and father of four said he is running to “be the change” he wishes to see in Grand Traverse County. He said he believes in being tough on crime, and proactive on rehabilitation.”I picture a department that engages the community, seeks out partnerships, and strives for innovation in the way we address these and other problems. I believe the sheriffs office has an incredible opportunity to touch the lives of those it serves, whether it be an accident victim on the side of the road or someone who finds themselves behind bars.” 


Find Greg on Facebook,

Find Greg on his webpage:


Betsy Coffia

Grand Traverse Commission, District 1

Betsy Coffia is running for re-election for Grand Traverse County Commission, District 1.  She is a community organizer and former Michigan Press Association award winning news editor with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, specializing in families and children. She has lived in Northern Michigan since age five, and has dedicated countless volunteer hours to education, and health and human service organizations. As a County Commissioner, Coffia prioritizes: excellent public services; openness and transparency; accountability; housing solutions; environmental stewardship. She is running for a second term to continue work toward building a foundation of ethics in county government, and “fostering a culture of respect and responsiveness to constituents.”


Find Betsy on Facebook here

Donate to Betsy Coffia’s campaign:

Committee to Elect Besty L. Coffia

1018 Boyd

Traverse City, MI. 49686

bryce IMG_9272.jpg

Bryce Hundley

Grand Traverse Commission, District 2

Bryce Hundley is running for re-election in District 2 of Grand Traverse County. An accountant and 17 year resident of Northern Michigan, Hundley wants to keep the County Commission focused on local issues and local needs. He is a husband, father of three, and is currently running unopposed.  Hundley said his goal is to continue to “bring thoughtful cooperation, decency, and integrity to the forefront in our county government, and to let our county’s professional staff do their jobs, support them with financial experience and sound judgement.”

Find Bryce of Facebook here


Donate to Bryce Hundley’s campaign:

Committee to Elect Bryce Hundley

P. O. Box 2415, Traverse City, MI 49685

Melissa Hogan small.jpg

Melissa Hogan

Grand Traverse Commission, District 3

Melissa Hogan is running for Grand Traverse County Commission, District 3. Hogan spent 12 of the 16 years she has lived in Traverse City serving as a Physician’s Assistant at Munson Medical Center. She brings a background in health and community service, volunteering as a youth basketball and track coach, and serving as a member of 100+ Women Who Care, a philanthropic group. “Now, more than ever, people need to look  for-- and become-- the helpers in this community. Despite life’s challenges, I believe the world is a better place when we are in service to causes bigger than ourselves,” Hogan said.

Find Melissa on Facebook here

Donate to Melissa Hogan’s campaign:

Committee to Elect Melissa Hogan

2852 Glen Drive Traverse City, MI 49686

Brace Kern Headshot.jpg

Brace Kern

Grand Traverse Commission, District 4

Brace Kern is running for Grand Traverse County Commission, District 4. He is a father and outdoor enthusiast, dedicated to protecting this place and the people who live here. Kern works as an attorney and is President of the Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim County Bar Association, and on the Board of Directors for Conflict Resolution Services, where he also volunteers as a mediator.

Learn More about Brace Kern:

Brace's Video:

Brace's Website:

Brace on Facebook:

Donate to Brace's Campaign

Long Lake for Brace Kern

3434 Veterans Drive, Traverse City, Mi 49684

Jade chosen shot.jpg

Jade Prange

Grand Traverse Commission, District 5

Jade Prange is running for Grand Traverse County Commission, District 5.  Currently a student at North Central College, Prange grew up in the area and is looking to bring the voice of the next generation to the local decision making table. She is currently a member of the Traverse City Human Rights Commission, and is a local leader in the Sunrise Movement, a national, youth-led organization that advocates for political action on Climate Change. "Our current leadership is not being held to a high enough standard in terms of ethics and transparency. I want to raise these standards.”

Find Jade on Facebook here


Donate to Jade Prange’s campaign:

Campaign to Elect Jade Prange

8909 Rahle Road, Kingsley, MI 49649

Bruce_candidate_portrait sml.jpg

Bruce Moore

Grand Traverse Commission, District 6

Bruce Moore is running for Grand Traverse County Commission, District 6. Moore is a retired engineer who is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable populations in this community. His attention to detail, and ability to dig in and learn about all aspects of any given local issue are central to his leadership values.  An active member of Grace Episcopal Church and Traverse Area Paddlers, Moore wants to help keep the County Commission focused on local issues like affordable housing and jail reform.

Find Bruce of Facebook HERE.


Donate to Bruce’s campaign:

Donate online HERE

Committee to Elect Bruce Moore

3363 Summerleaf Drive, Traverse City, MI 49686


Gabrielle Bohrer

East Bay Township Trustee

Gabrielle Bohrer

East Bay Township Trustee

Gabrielle Bohrer is running for East Bay Township Trustee. Bohrer is committed to serving the place she calls home. As a mother, small business owner, and volunteer for a host of non-profit organizations, she has a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges families face in East Bay, and will bring a progressive perspective-- with the benefit of institutional knowledge-- to this township. “I was born and raised in Traverse City, and I want to do my part to bring smart, progressive, and diverse growth to the place I love and call home.” Committee :Committee To Elect

Find Gabrielle on Facebook here; email

To donate to Gabrielle Bohrer’s campaign:


Committee to Elect Gabrielle Bohrer

947  Cherry Ridge Drive

Traverse City, MI, 49696


Act blue link here

Brian F.JPG

Brian Fenlon

East Bay Township Trustee

Brian Fenlon is running for East Bay Township Trustee. He has a heart for helping his community. Fenlon went to Northern Michigan College, volunteers as manager for his condo association, and works at a successful winery in the community. He is committed to bringing progressive values to his township, and work to ensure more young families can call the community.


To donate to Brian Fenlon’s campaign:

Committee to Elect Brian Fenlon

3887 Emily Lane, Traverse City, MI, 49686

eric ranieri.jpg

Eric Ranieri

Garfield Township Trustee

Eric Ranieri is running for Garfield Township Trustee. A practicing attorney for 20 years, Ranieri knows that on almost every issue, there are real people, and real consequences, on each side. Bringing back the “good neighbor” approach to politics and government matters to Raniri, and his approach to service is to listen, learn, and make decisions that are in the best interest of the entire township. By considering “the best available evidence as objectively as possible,” Raniri said he will keep ethics, honesty, and collaboration at the forefront of all township governance.

Find Eric on Facebook HERE

Donate to Eric Ranieri’s campaign HERE, or by mailing a check to:


Committee to Elect Lee Eric Ranieri

4020 Copper View Ste 225

Traverse City, MI 49684

nic Roster.JPG

Nick Roster

Garfield Township Trustee

Nick Roster is running for Garfield Township Trustee. He is running to bring sustainability to all levels of government and community planning, especially in key areas like energy independence, and smart growth. Roster was born and raised in Garfield Township. In fact, he and his wife are raising their two sons in the same house in which he grew up. Roster is a biology professor at Northwestern Michigan College. “As a biologist, I feel qualified to discuss solutions in regard to our parks system and air and water quality,” he added.

Donate to Nick Roster’s campaign: 


Committee to Elect Nicholas Roster

4430 Foxfire Drive,

Traverse City, MI 49684

Jill_ IMG_0076.JPG

Jill Bentgen

Garfield Township Trustee

Jill Bentgen is running for Garfield Township Trustee. Trained as a chemical engineer, Bentgen owns and operates a fish processing business, Mackinac Straits Fish Company, named as an ode to her hometown St. Ignace. Her background in science, combined with entrepreneurial experience, brings a uniquely well-suited skill set to governing in Garfield Township. 


Donate to Jill Bentgen’s campaign:


Friends of Jill Bentgen
PO Box 1626, Traverse City, MI 49685

john nelson medium res vert.jpg

John Nelson

Garfield Township Trustee

John Nelson is running for Garfield Township Trustee. He long served the community as a member of the Garfield Township Planning Commission and Grand Traverse County Road Commission. He brings both historic context and vision to the township and is a staunch defender of natural resources and sound environmental policy at the municipal level. 

Joel IMG_0263.jpg

Joel Casler

Long Lake Township Trustee

Joel Casler is running for Long Lake Township Trustee. Casler raised his children in Traverse City and is a community builder, workers’ rights advocate, and independent thinker that wants to bring good, sound decision making to Long Lake Township’s Board of Trustees. 


Donate to Joel Casler’s campaign:

Committee to Elect Joel Casler
7552 N. Long Lake Rd., Traverse City, MI, 49685


Pamela Harris Kaiser

Long Lake Trustee

Pamela Harris Kaiser is running for Long Lake Township Trustee. Her family has had deep roots in the Long Lake community. She devoted her life to education and community-building, serving in the Peace Corps, a teacher, counselor, and adjunct faculty member at Northwestern Michigan College and Purdue University. She has held numerous volunteer positions, including co-chair of the TCAPS District Advisory Committee, and wants to see the area’s natural resources preserved for generations to come.   “The waters of this beautiful regions have been running through my veins since before I was born, and I want to pass on our green, healthy, safe and clean environment to generations to come,” Kaiser said. 

A graduate of Kalamazoo College, I began my career as a litigation paralegal to the managing partner of a major Michigan law firm with offices throughout the state, and have lived and taught locally as well as internationally. I am committed to bipartisan cooperation, transparency in all levels of government, building bridges with business and community partners and am committed to equal justice under the law. By working together, I believe we can preserve the historic natural qualities that make Long Lake Township the finest community in which to live, stay healthy, raise families, respond to our citizens' needs across the lifespan, meet unexpected challenges, support sustainable businesses, and live peacefully together. 

Connect with Pam Kaiser:; (603) 571-5240

Connect with Pam on Facebook HERE


Donate to Pam Kaiser’s campaign: 

Committee to Elect Pam Kaiser

1309 Old Long Lake Rd.

Traverse City, MI 49685

Marvine Stamatakis sml.jpg

Marvine Stamatakis

Long Lake Trustee

Marvine Stamatakis is running for Long Lake Township Trustee. She is an instructor for English language learners at Interlochen Arts Academy. She also served on the Traverse City Human Rights Commission, and currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Central United Methodist Church. Stamatakis said she wants to preserve and protect the natural resources of her township, as well as make it a welcoming community for young families. “I am running to serve the people and preserve the beauty of this community which my family and I have been part of for many years.”

Donate to Marvine Stamatakis:

Committee to Elect Marvine Stamatakis
118 Bass Lake Road, Traverse City, MI 49689

Peter Z 4-5 vertical 2R4A5707.jpg

Peter Zirnhelt

Long Lake Township Trustee

Peter Zirnhelt is running for Long Lake Township Trustee. Zirnhelt has called Long Lake Township home for 42 years, and during those four decades he has served his community in a number of ways, including being a member of the Long Lake Association Board of Directors, member and chair of the Long Lake Zoning Board of Appeals, member of the Long Lakes Township Parks Committee, and treasurer of the Long Lake Peninsula Association. In addition, Zirnhelt has served on the Pastoral Council for St. Patrick church, and has been practicing law in Grand Traverse County for 45 years. “I am running for the position of Trustee to provide the residents of the township with a voice for their concerns on the Township Board,” he said. 


View Peter Zirnhelt's video

Donate to Pete Zirnhelt’s campaign:

Committee to Elect Pete Zirnhelt
1613 Outer Drive, Traverse City, MI 49685

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