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2018 State Endorsement Convention

If you wish to be part of choosing the Democratic Candidate for:

  • Attorney General  (Pat Miles, Dana Nessel, or William Noakes),

  • Secretary of State (Currently only Jocelyn Benson has filed)

  • State Supreme Court.

then you should attend the 2018 State Endorsement Convention.  These candidates will not be chosen by primary. The purpose of this convention is to endorse a candidate for Attorney General, a candidate for Secretary of State, candidates for State Supreme Court.

You can learn how to qualify to vote HERE.  You must be a member of the Michigan Democratic Party MDP for 30 days to vote in a convention. GTDems membership is not sufficient.  You need to be an MDP member to vote. That means you must join MDP by March 16 to vote in the next state convention. Go Here for more details on joining and rules for voting..

Please note that selection of MSU and other Board nominations is tentatively scheduled for August, it is not part of this convention.

The Michigan Democratic Party web site has information on the convention.  In particular, click on the links below

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